Acquire Birds

Alan Payne

Lovatts and Sheffields, straight strains and crosses.Good
flyers. $10.00 each + shipping.

(270) 926-4863 Email: a l a n p 5 6 @ h o t m a i l . c o m

Aftab Usmani

Tipplers pure bred of splendid strains, long duration flights of high elevation and white Cumulets and white Stalin Russian flyers, very good for droppers.

(770) 943-3137 no email available
Powder Springs, GA

Keith Baber

Bodens, Shannons and Lovatts for Sale.

(510) 276-5262


Eddie Carlson

"Bumgardner-Skirvan cross, good high flyers that do very well in shows." Now has YOUNG Birds for sale. Carlson strain & Macclesfield type tipplers also blues, bronze mottles and grizzles

(570) 629-6261
no email available


Ali Amini

Extra breeders: The average competition fly time for 2015 was 13:13 hours, nice colors too. $150 a pair for club members and $200 a pair for nonmembers.

(414) 352-0115
no email available

Milwaukee, WI